Business and legal experience since 1973, including experience with start-up companies and various segments of the electronics industry. Previously, Co-Founder, CEO and President of MaSeR Corporation, a materials processing company for the electronics recycling industry. Prior to MaSeR, a member of the startup team and EVP of Manufacturers’ Services Ltd., a global provider of electronics manufacturing services. Helped grow Manufacturers’ Services to $1+ Billion revenue and execute a successful IPO in less than six years.

Involved since 1974 in operations and information systems management for global enterprises and start-up companies. Most recently, responsible for supply chain management activities, including Demand/Supply Management, Procurement and Inventory Management for Sun Microsystems.  Previously, acted as interim COO for a number of companies on behalf of VC investors and was a member of the startup team for Manufacturers’ Services Ltd. where he held positions of CIO and VP of Customer Program Management. Prior to MSL, Principal Consultant with Computer Science Corporation, providing best practice supply chain consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

Ph.D. in Molecular and Thermal Physics, M.Sc. in Thermal Physics, engaged since 1996 in research and technology in molecular physics, aerosol physics, measurement techniques, and decontamination and prevention technologies for the pharmaceutical and environmental industries. Worked as team member and then supervisor of R&D teams at several universities in Ukraine and West Germany. Developed expertise in polluting emissions control in Karlsruhe experimental installation sponsored by large European chemical companies.