Greene Wave Technology - The Innovative Technology Platform for Global Metal Recovery - From Green Lyon Group of Amesbury, MAWe develop and commercialize proprietary technologies focused primarily on recycling gold, silver, and other precious metals ("PM") from scrap materials and industrial by-products. Our technologies are cheaper, faster, and more sustainable than the conventional PM recovery methods they replace. Our goal is to build a robust portfolio of superior PM recycling technologies for a wide range of materials across multiple industries. We are headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts with an R&D laboratory in Laval, Quebec.

We currently market a suite of patent pending technologies to recycle PM plated on base metal substrates. These technologies, which we refer to collectively as “PM-STRIP™”, are chemical or electrochemical in various applications and include “S-PURE™“ for the recovery of pure silver metal from solution.

We also offer two technologies not directed to PM recovery (i) "TF1" to recover integrated circuits ("chips") from populated circuit boards, and (ii) "PbL2" to recycle lead and glass from cathode ray tubes ("CRT"s) found in old TVs and computer monitors.

We are constantly searching for new materials and new industries where we can develop economically attractive and sustainable PM recycling technologies. See Technologies.