Recovering valuable 99.9% pure silver from copper scrap… Not quite alchemy – but it might as well be.


 An Immense Opportunity

Each year, copper scrap worth an estimated $40 billion is recycled globally, and the market is growing – mostly driven by the U.S. and China*. 

Of this scrap, almost $1 billion in value consists of electrically conductive, silver plated copper. 

Based on an average silver content of 0.5% (by weight), the silver plating alone on silver plated copper scrap is worth more than an additional $1 billion annually, yet goes largely unrecovered. Recovering this silver value is the asymmetrical opportunity that Greene Lyon’s technology has been developed to exploit.


Recovering “Lost” Value

Separating the silver from the copper currently requires smelting, and the smelting process is inefficient and has a high environmental cost.

Greene Lyon is disrupting metals recycling by creating a new business of sustainably recovering silver from copper scrap.  A unique process, protected by ten pending or issued patents across the U.S., China, and Europe, creates:

  • Upgraded “clean” copper

  • 99.9% pure silver metal

… and does so sustainably, increasing the environmental benefit of recycling.


*Data derived from industry sources, including reports by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and The Freedonia Group.