Two principal goals of alchemy were: (i) the conversion of low value materials into high value materials, specifically the transmutation of common metals such as lead into the noble metals of gold and silver; and (ii) the discovery of an elixir of life that would confer eternal youth.

In that sense, we at Greene Lyon Group are modern day alchemists. We seek to convert low value waste and industrial by-products into high value raw materials, not by alchemical transmutation, but by the separation and recovery of targeted metals using modern physics and chemistry. We also seek to give "long life" to the metals we recover by enabling them to be used over and over in new products.

So our name is taken from an old English alchemical verse, "The Hunting of the Greene Lyon". This name is especially appropriate given the alchemical symbolism of the Green Lion (see the article that follows). And naming a business based on modern science with an alchemical symbol mirrors the paradox that Sir Isaac Newton, one of history's greatest scientists and mathematicians and a key figure in the scientific revolution, was also an active alchemist. See The foundations of Newton's alchemy or "The hunting of the greene lyon", by Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs, Cambridge University Press, 1975.