CRTs Ready For RecyclingCRTs Ready For Recycling

Recovery of Lead from CRT Glass

Our PbL2 technology answers the most critical challenge facing electronics recyclers who handle obsolete televisions and computer monitors: How to properly dispose of the leaded "funnel glass" in a CRT. On average, funnel glass represents 30%-45% of the weight of the whole CRT and has a content of 18%-22% lead oxide. Until recently, funnel glass could be sent to lead smelters for use as a flux or to CRT manufacturers for glass-to-glass recycling. But as a practical matter, neither of these options represents a viable solution going forward, and the e-recycling industry is frantically searching for alternatives. Various processes to disposition funnel glass are being promoted, including landfilling the glass as a hazardous material, but PbL2 is the only sustainable recycling solution. Tests have proven that PbL2 recovers virtually all the lead in funnel glass with the output being saleable lead metal and a saleable glass commodity. Moreover, PbL2 is economically competitive with any of the other proposed alternatives, even landfilling.

IP Protection

We have a patent pending for PbL2.

Process Demonstrations

We are able to demonstrate PbL2 at lab scale.